Where Do Chihuahuas Like to Be Scratched?

Where Do Chihuahuas Like to Be Scratched?

If you are a proud owner of a Chihuahua or plan to get one, you must understand their unique needs. Chihuahuas are special and affectionate dogs that require a lot of attention and care. One of the ways to show your Chihuahua some love is by giving them a good scratch. However, it is essential to know the right spots where Chihuahuas like to be scratched to avoid causing discomfort. In this post, we’ll reveal the ultimate guide on where Chihuahuas like to be scratched.

Under the Chin

Chihuahuas love to be scratched under their chin, especially when they are feeling lovesick. This spot is a sweet spot that stimulates their endorphins, making them feel happy and relaxed. When scratching this spot, never pull their hair and always use a gentle touch. Doing this will make your Chihuahua feel loved and appreciated.

Chest and Belly

Another spot where Chihuahuas love to be scratched is their chest and belly. This spot is an excellent spot to get your Chihuahua to relax and feel comfortable. However, be careful when scratching their belly, as some Chihuahuas may give you a warning sign that they don’t like it. Always scratch or pet in short intervals on these regions.

The Base of the Tail

If you scratch the base of your Chihuahua’s tail gently, you’ll see its eyes roll back in delight. This spot is a perfect spot to scratch when your furry friend is relaxing, especially after a long day of activity. Be gentle when scratching around this region to avoid irritating your Chihuahua.

Between the Ears

Scratching your Chihuahua between its ears is another sweet spot that dogs love. This spot is ideal for Chihuahuas who love to cuddle, especially when they are being cradled or held. Rubbing and scratching this spot is an excellent way to show your Chihuahua affection and love.

Around the Neck

Chihuahuas tend to have sensitive skin, and the scruff around their neck is no exception. However, if you scratch this spot gently, your Chihuahua will enjoy it. This spot is also perfect when your Chihuahua is feeling anxious or stressed out.

Now that you know where Chihuahuas like to be scratched, ensure to use this knowledge to make your furry friend feel loved and appreciated. Always remember to be gentle and only scratch your Chihuahua in the spots they enjoy. With this guide, you’ll undoubtedly experience some snuggles, and your Chihuahua will always be happy to see you!

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