Are you Scaring your Chihuahua? Here's How to Tell

Are you Scaring your Chihuahua? Here’s How to Tell

Chihuahuas are known for their petite size, big ears, and even bigger attitudes. But behind their tough exterior, Chihuahuas are also known to be easily scared and anxious around strangers. As a dog owner, it’s important to know when your little furry friend is scared of you – or something else entirely – so that you can take appropriate measures to ensure their safety and happiness. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the ways to tell if a Chihuahua is scared of you and what you can do to make them feel more comfortable around you.

Are you Scaring your Chihuahua

Analyze their body language

Body language is key in decoding a Chihuahua’s emotions. A scared Chihuahua may exhibit several signs such as shaking, tucking their tail between their hind legs, and lowered ears. They may also show aggression by growling or barking. Pay close attention to their posture. A Chihuahua who is scared might hunch over, cower, or hide under objects. If your dog exhibits any of these signs, it’s likely they’re feeling nervous or afraid.

Observe their responses to you

Chihuahuas are known to bond closely with their owners, so if your dog is acting detached or avoids your gaze, it might be a sign that they’re upset with you. If they’re usually affectionate but now suddenly shy or antisocial, it’s important to note that something may be wrong. Keeping an eye on your pup’s response to you will help you to identify when they are feeling scared.

Change in appetite

Anxiety and fear can diminish a Chihuahua’s appetite or cause them to vomit or suffer from diarrhea. If you notice a sudden change in your pet’s eating habits, it may be a sign of stress and anxiety. Be sure to keep them well-fed as they try to cope with the roots of their fear.

Sudden retreat

Chihuahuas will often run away or hide when they’re feeling scared. If you find your dog suddenly hiding under furniture, or running away from you, it’s important to observe their reaction and behaviour. What is the source of their fear? Assessing the situation surrounding the retreat will help you to identify the best course of action.

Action plan

If you suspect that your Chihuahua is scared of you, the first step is to identify what may have caused the fear and to remove this source. Try to create a positive environment around your Chihuahua, as they are sensitive to their surroundings. Introduce them to positive reinforcement such as treats, toys, or positive reinforcement training. Make sure to be gentle and patient with your pet. If the Chihuahua’s fear is not related to you, try soothing them with toys or treats while providing them a secure environment. Consulting with a veterinarian may assist you with additional resources for controlling canine anxiety.


Overall, Chihuahuas are wonderful pets that are sensitive creatures that require tender love and care. It’s important to understand when your pet friend is scared of you. By understanding their body language, observing their behavior and responses to you, monitoring changes in their appetite, retreats, and coming up with an action plan, you can help your Chihuahua feel more comfortable and safe in your presence. Dogs are highly sensitive creatures that require unconditional love, patience, and support hence it is important to provide them with a safe and happy home.

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